Sexual Male Enhancement – Best proven Ways

Currently, sexual health-related problems have become the biggest problems in today’s life. So, Sexual male enhancement is a way to solve this problem.
Each man working day and night somehow impact his health condition, especially with their sexual health condition.
This is due to stress, depression, restlessness etc. which actually lowers their testosterone levels in their body.
Not only it lowers testosterone levels, but also impact the sexual erections in men.
You can refer this article to enhance your testosterone levels in the body naturally or by supplements.
Sex is a very common and important part of life for both men and women. Since its a body’s need due to secretion of sexual hormones, so if you don’t have a proper sexual life, it would be a serious bummer. It would lead to the most discouraging and shocking life in front of your partner.
This problem actually makes men feel lonely and decreases their confidence.

Basic Solution for Sexual Related Health problems

Though there are many solutions available for these sexual related problems in which sexual enhancement supplements are very extremely recommended.
Generally, the sexual enhancement pills provide you with soft and strong sexual drive and desires (libido), which actually make your body more energetic.
Though there are many products available in the market, but not all the products are healthy ones. Its very important to select the product when it comes to male enhancement products.
Since sexual related issues are very sensitive, so you should never take risk of selecting any product from the market. If by any chance, you choose to select the wrong product, you may have some serious side-effects which can harm you badly.
Well, by the end of this article, we would suggest you with the best sexual male enhancement products which you can safely use without any side-effects or very minimal side effects which your body immunity can fight with.

zephrofel Sexual male enhancement – Don’t Buy This

Zephrofel is basically a male enhancement pill or supplement but is it really beneficial?
I heard about zephrofel male enhancement from a lot of people all around the world, but when looked closely came to know that there are many side effects associated with it.
There are many ingredients in Zephrofel which no doubt helps in arousing erections but also kills the sperm quality in a big way.
Also, this directly or indirectly affects your health. The extent of the side effects depends on person to person’s immunity level.
So GoodForFitness strongly recommends NOT to use the above product.

Penis Size: What’s Normal and What’s Not?

Generally, in today’s world, men have a fear that they’ve got a small penis.
But research has shown that most men who think they have a small penis actually have a normal-sized penis.
The length of the non-erected penis never indicates the actual size of the penis. If during the erect condition, if your penis size is more than 4.5 inches (11.43 cm), then you got a “Normal” sized penis.
A penis is considered abnormally small only when you have got less than 3 inches (7.62cm), during the erect condition. This condition is called micropenis.
You can get to know more about micropenis over here.

How do partners actually look at your penis size

You would have seen many partners do care about having more penis size.
Though having a larger penis size do ease generally to have more pleasure for women, but it’s not all the time.
During the research, it was found that out of 100 women, around 30 women prefer to have penis size in men to about 6 inches.
So, talking about sexual desires and pleasure, it does not only mean only with your penis size. It would link towards how you make your partner feel comfortable and make the moment enjoyable.

Top 4 Natural ways to Enhance your Penis Size

Actually, there are a lot of ways you can enhance your penis size naturally and the best ones are described below.

But the results are gradual. Sometimes it takes many days, months and even years to show the results.

But yes, they are effective when brought to your routine life.

Penis Stretching is a way to enhance your penis size with certain exercises using hands or enlargement devices.

Penis Stretching can actually help you to enhance your penis size naturally. So here below are some of the best and important exercises that will help you to make your penis big and strong that would make your life enjoyable with your partner.

1) Message Exercise

This is a type of exercise where we have to apply lubricant on the penis and massage firmly.

This helps to strech your penis skin which thereby helps in enlargement of your penis in long run.

You need to do it at least twice a daily to achieve faster results.

2) Stretching exercise

This is one of the best stretchings to achieve quicker results.

It actually uses only your thumb and an index finger. This exercise will be very similar to how you milk a cow.

Process of doing this Exercise:

  • Firstly, use your thumb and the index finger to slide the skin of your penis upside down.
  • Do it for 10 to 20 minutes. Always remember that in this process, you would be willing to masturbate. Don’t do that.
  • If there is an erection, let your penis relax for 5 minutes and then again start following the process.
  • Do this exercise twice a day for around 15 to 20 minutes. You will see the improvement in 30 – 60 days.

3) Kegal Exercise

So, Kegal exercise is very important and has shown many improvement results in most of the men.

This exercise will actually help to strengthen your pelvic muscle. This muscle helps to control the urine flow and helps in enhancing your penis size.

Identifying Pelvic Floor Muscles for Kegal Exercise

There are many ways to identify your pelvic floor muscles but the easiest way is the below:

  • Go to the Toilet and Urinate (pee). During this process, try to start and stop your urine stream two or three times. During this process, the muscles that you used to stop your urine stream is your pelvic floor muscle.
  • The second way is, just imagine that you are urinating (peeing) and someone accidentally came inside your toilet. You will suddenly stop your urine stream. So, during the stoping of your urine stream, the muscle that was used is the pelvic floor muscle.

Process of doing the Kegal Exercise:

Since now you have located your pelvic floor muscle, you can now follow the process fo the legal exercise by following the below points:

  • Hold your pelvic muscles tightly, for about 10 seconds.
  • Now, Relax your pelvic muscle. This is one set of your Kegal Exercise.
  • Do this process to about 20 to 30 sets.
  • Follow the above three steps thrice daily.

You can also squeeze your pelvic floor muscles in your anus (like Bowl holding way). Make it to relax and repeat the same process to about 20 to 30 sets.

Important Note

Following points to be carefully noted while doing this Kegal exercise.

  • Do NOT hold your breath while doing this exercise.
  • While doing Kegal exercise, do not push this down. Always try to lift the muscle up.
  • Always relax your muscle after the squeeze.

4) Jelqing Exercise

This is one of the most common exercises in men. This generally helps in thinking of your penis muscle.

GoodForFitness suggest that you should daily do this exercise twice to thicken your penis.

This exercise also helps in the better erection which ultimately helps your sexual life.

Process Of Doing The Jelqing Exercise:

  • Firstly warm up your penis by putting a warm washcloth on it. It helps for better blood flow
  • Now, the second step is to lubricate the penis. Use water-based lubricant as it will help in preventing the blockage and infection of the pores.
  • Now, make the OK sign with your fingers over the base of the penis. Ensure that your OK sign encircles the penis base.
  • Slide your finger from the base to the top with little pressure. Remember do not squeeze it and don’t apply high pressure.
  • Once you have done that, use another hand with OK sign grip from the base again.
  • Do this for 15 to 20 minutes.

Stop doing this when you feel any pain. Do this daily and you will see the results in 30 – 60 days.


Well now we have understood that sexual male enhancement techniques are very important.

To have a healthy sexual life, you must follow the above exercises daily twice.

Following these exercises daily will surely help you to achieve much better results.

So, if you did got any improvements, leave a comment down below and share your experiences. I am sure if you follow the above exercises, you will definitely see much better results within 60days.

If you didn’t get any benefits following this exercise, drop a comment down below with your email, so that we can personally resolve the issue in your case.

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